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Dear Parents, 

We understand that you want the best education possible for your children.  You may have noticed on our Facebook page that many of the photos of field trips include children not enrolled in our school.  That is because  our school seeks to collaborate with parents who choose to homeschool their children.  If you are one who wishes to have your child experience some of the benefits of our school program but still be homeschooled, please speak to our principal about your child becoming a part time student or what collaboration with our school might look like for you and your child.

Our principal, Brenda Khalil, was interviewed by Ashley Lynch, a member of the school board at the time, about her goals, educational philosophy, and the difference a small school with an emphasis on Jesus can have in a child's life.  You can view the interview at this link.  Note that at the time of the interview our school was in Saginaw.  It has since moved to Midland.  Interview.


Here are some examples of collaboration between our school and homeschoolers as they go on field trips to the fire station, to the Chippewas Nature Center, and to a petting farm.